In the regular flurry of post-Bicon activity (in August 2007), I've been tweaking my public Poly calendar so that is can be a useful, and public, resource.

UK Poly Events Calendar:

  • - Generic .ical URL
  • - HTML month-by-month page. Useful for iframe embedding (see below)
  • (Agenda) - 2-month list of dates/events. Also useful for iframe embedding
  • - Add to Google Calendar

If there are any other events that you know of (be they regulars or one-offs), please let me know. Bug me too often with new information and I'll have to figure out how to give you access to add your own events to one or both as appropriate. The HTML & Agenda links are just plain HTML, for you to link to from a webpage, or stick in a HTML iframe if you want to get fancy.

To add new meetups, events, or to correct information that is currently on the calendar, let me know - email with dates/locations and any links to more information you think would be useful.

Other links to the calendar