So What is This About?

Topbit. A name I gave myself in September 1996 - if not a little before - when I first went onto the internet, and then created my first kink-related website on Geocities. As this part of my persona, I've only had one, quite small website before - which in the space of a year morphed into an adult pay-site. That was more than five years ago though, and it's time for another place where I can put up my thoughts that may not fully fit into my livejournal.


I've designed this site to work in concert with my own livejournal to enable others to give feedback to what is here. Besides all the usual information about me, and links to items of interest I've also started a small archive of articles that I have written, and will add copies of websites that I've written - including the first kinky site that went up in November 1996 (if I can find a copy of it!) as well as the site(s) that it became over the next four years.