In August 2008, just after I came home from Bicon in Glamorgan, I set up a couple of calendars and published the details on getting them on my livejournal. A few years ago, I had left them both fallow for some time, and so the Bisexual events calendar was re-created by Jen Yockney as part of her work at The calendar itself is at

The Poly events calendar is still under my control, and I will add to it when I see a new one-off or regular event if I can, but I don’t get many additions being sent to me, so I can’t easily tell if events are still running, and what new events or meetings are happening.

You can find al the links to various formats to get the calendar at Below is the HTML table version, or a simpler ‘Agenda’ version.

To add new meetups, events, or to correct information that is currently on the calendar, let me know - email with dates/locations and any links to more information you think would be useful.